Skunk Hemp Wraps
Skunk Hemp Wraps
Skunk Hemp Wraps
Skunk Hemp Wraps

    Skunk Hemp Wraps

    $1.99 $26.00

    2 Flavored Hemp Wraps per pack.

    4 Delicious flavors.

    Natural, toasted hemp; no tobacco!

    Resealable zip pack.

    If you enjoy infusing your herbal blends with flavor from your wraps, nothing compares to these juicy, flavorful, natural hemp wraps from Skunk Brands.

    Skunk Brands Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps will breathe new life into your favorite herbs. Made from natural toasted hemp, Skunk Brand Hemp Wraps have no tobacco but you wouldn’t know that from the mellow, delicious smoke. Hemp Wraps smoke better than tobacco and are “blunts brought to the next level!”

    Each resealable foil zip pack includes 2 toasted hemp wraps flavored with your choice of terpenes. Choose between Cherry Pie, Grape Soda, Mango Smoothie, and Lemon Cake flavors, each one as flavorful and delicious as the others.

    Additional information
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester